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Our Pittsburgh PA handyman services include many areas of the home which can be located at each tab at the top of our website. Each area of the home has several areas of services that we offer or in some cases are not able to offer due to licensing or other requirements.

A handyman is a person skilled, able or employed to do occasional domestic repairs and minor renovations. This handyman term is generally connected to a paid person who will do home repairs yet homeowners who feel skilled can and do consider themselves to be handyman. This is fine as many homeowners can use the internet resources to learn how to do something and then invest their free time in performing such tasks. The current trend is for homeowner handymen to hire a handyman to perform these tasks and manage their own free time performing their profession, career or spending that valuable free time with their loved ones.

Historically a handyman has been considered a non-skilled or non-specialized profession and has earned less respect in the industry. General contractors will hire handymen to perform the tasks of their construction projects and then upcharge the project owner for the work that a handyman has performed. This is fine, it is how the industry has worked for hundreds of years and there is no need to change that yet when this comes to a residential homeowner or a small business owner who needs the services the story changes.

The ugly truth is that a General contractor will not provide services to a home owner and expects that larger and easier projects be delivered to their email in box. This leaves the homeowners or small business owners in a tight spot as they need these services yet the General contractors are consuming the time of the local handymen and there are no industry professionals available to service the home owner or small business owner.

With online catalogues of service providers charging handymen to be in their database to be able to bid on their members projects the price of a simple home repair has skyrocketed and continues to climb. The ugly truth is that handymen who sign up to these catalogs end up working for pennies on the dollar and soon end up out of business as all of their income and time is dedicated to bidding projects that the catalog has given to one hundred or more different handymen. Now, the price of the simple repair will continue to skyrocket as this is cyclical and each and every handyman that signs up with these catalogs or websites will end up broke and out of business.

Years ago, before your or my time, being a handyman was a prestigious occupation, people revered the man who could resolve all issues, the jack of all trades. Somewhere in time that was lost and the handyman skills were lessened and handymen became less appreciated and almost a last resort to resolve issues.

At Pit Pro Handyman we do not participate in any of those catalogue programs or websites, we do not subscribe to any of those lists or service provider programs. We invest in making our website better, writing articles on our website to provide a level of comfort to our potential clients that we are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Our intent is to make an honest living providing quality services in an honest and forefront manner. One example of this is a recent call for a window repair, the potential client’s window would not stay open and he called and needed services to adjust this window. As it was an older window out of warranty we could provide that service yet would need to charge an additional fee for travel as he was 100 miles away. He optioned to look elsewhere and we remain available to provide services with the additional fee if he is not able locate another professional to provide the service.

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