At Pit Pro Handyman we offer Pittsburgh PA garage floor crack repair services. As our homes are built on hillsides and cut and fill grades to a level surface our garage floors crack from time to time. This is due to settling and compaction rates of the fill dirt. If the fill dirt is not compacted to 98% proctor or original compaction the loose soil moves and causes cracks. We offer crack repair services that use a grind and fill method to grind the raised edge of your garage floor and then fill the resulting crack. This reduces the chance of a trip and fall incident and is more appealing than a cracked floor. This also reduces chances of further cracking and chipping. You may also opt to use our services to level a slab, we use a drill and fill process to drill into the slumped slab and then add fill beneath that lifts the slab back to a good as new position.

At Pit Pro handyman we provide maintenance and update services for your garage. We can paint your garage walls, provide vents to the outside to prevent gasses from building up within the garage if a car or motor is left on too long. If it is a need in your garage, we are prepared to address it in the manner to completely satisfy you.

Pittsburgh PA garage floor coating services by Pit Pro Handyman provide a skid resistant coating on the floor to add an extra level of beauty to the garage. This service is typically accompanied with painting of the walls. The coating can be a solid color concrete pain or a special coating for garage floors that is manufactured by Pittsburgh Paints or other paint manufacturers.

Pittsburgh PA garage storage installation is a common request as many clients are desiring to store their Christmas items, their holiday decor as well as tools and other “garage decor” items. Installing cabinets that are locking and are secured to the walls will prevent your tools or other items from walking or being stolen in case you leave the garage door open. Installing professional storage systems in a garage is a way to quickly organize yourself and protect your valuable tools and machines.