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Pittsburgh PA exterior painting Handyman Services include all exterior painting services and needs in the greater Pittsburgh area. Some of these areas of work are listed and described below yet there are so many different exterior painting needs do not be flustered if your need is not listed, just give us a call and ask.

The intensity of the project often depends upon how neglected the home or building is and if there are issues with rotten wood, peeling paint, missing trim or other neglect issues. Neglecting a structure can and will cause the eventual paint job to be quite costly while a paint refresh every five years can be quite affordable.

For some reason you landed on our exterior painting services web page. Welcome to Pit Pro Handyman, your local supplier of all home maintenance and update needs. We are glad you are here as our website is designed to inform you about the industry standard processes and not tell you how great we are; you can read reviews to discover that information. Now let our web page inform you of typical paint scenarios and services that we provide.  

The most obvious clue that your home is ready for a new paint job is your internal intuition. You feel that your home needs a fresh coat of paint. This may be due to design appeal such as “being tired of this paint color” or other reasons. This is common as design styles evolve and trends occur and people want to remain current.  These paint jobs are not affected by a break-down of the paint material and are typically less cost intensive as scraping of paint or other preparations for neglected paint will not need to occur.

For a paint job that is to bring a home or business to a current design style we will power wash the home or building to remove the dirt and dust and any other residues that might be on the surface, let it dry and then apply the paint. Once the paint dries we will apply a second coat if you have contracted for two coats. Once the final coat dries we will paint the trim your selected trim color and then go over the house with you in a walk through fashion to determine if any areas need to be touched up. If you desire to do this walk through on your own we ask that you use a 1 to 2 inch piece of blue painters tape to mark any issues you have with the paint application. We will address those issues and ask you for final approval. 

Maybe code enforcement has cited your property for faded, chipping or peeling paint. This is a severly neglected paint situation that will require extra labor hours to clean, scrape, peel, sand, chip, and smooth the chipped or peeling areas so that the paint that is applied has a smooth surface to adhere to. This type of paint situation typically requires two to four coats of paint to help diminish the appearance of waves in the paint from the uneven surface. Prevent this situation by maintaining a paint refresh every five years for your home or buildings exteriors.

In some instances the appearance of moist walls or moisture inside of the home is an indicator that the exterior paint finish has failed and is allowing water to intrude. This is a serious instance as moisture inside of a home or building leads to mold, mildew and health issues that sometimes require demolition of a building.

A clue to moisture intrusion is blistering of paint, this indicates that there is an area of breach where water is getting in between the paint coating and the wall itself. This can be though cracked walls, window and door openings, gutters, and other vulnerable areas.  In many cases a window may need to have additional attention paid to the top of it so that water can slide off of a sloped window top instead of flowing backward or puddling against the siding or wall cladding. Water being trapped on top of windows is a huge issue in older homes and can quickly rot wood window frames.

For instances where water is causing blistering on exteriors, this means caulking is needed around gutters, doors, windows, and any seams to prevent moisture, humidity, and pests from getting in and disrupting the health of the structure. A fresh coat of paint must be provided once the caulking has dried and stabilized to provide a seamless appearance. The preparation for this might include the removal of the blistered areas so that the water can escape and the material and surface allowed to air-dry.

For exterior painting needs in the greater Pittsburgh area please call your Pit Pro Handyman at 724-544-8544.

To describe a typical paint job is difficult as no two paint jobs are alike. The existing conditions are always unique to each structure and the level of damages and repair required are always unique. The best way for any home owner to have peace of mind regarding their exterior paint job protecting the home from the elements is to get on a five year paint re-paint schedule. This is the amount of time that large chain supermarkets and other stores paint their exteriors and this tends to be a the best time frame for homeowners to do so as well as the weather and its destructive elements in Pittsburgh do not care if your structure is a commercial building or a residential structure.

before and after images of a house in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that has been painted.

At Pit Pro Handyman, your Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Handyman Service, we prefer to use Pittsburgh Paints. Our home town is headquarters to the best paint and coatings manufacturer in the world. As you know, Pittsburgh Paints – “smooth as glass” are the best paints in the world and provide the ultimate protection for exterior painted surfaces.


For exterior painting needs in the greater Pittsburgh area please call your Pit Pro Handyman at 724-544-8544.

It is our experience that a nastry trend of painting brick cladding with exterior paints is occuring. This is a time and materials intensive process that can take months to complete. As brick is porous and has many crevices that need to be covered it can be a budget breaker. We always suggest that our clients consider a Limewash or white wash process and product. This will give you the feeing of having a new home exterior while allowing the brick to be brick. Limewashing is less time intensive than painting and includes a wash off process so that the intensity of the appearane is controlled. The Limewash is a clay based product and can give a home a modern appearanch while allowing it to be a historical gem.


a custom paint job for a modern house in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

For exterior painting needs in the greater Pittsburgh area please call your Pit Pro Handyman at 724-544-8544.