Pit Pro Handyman hanging sheet drywall in a bathroom remodel project located in Cranberry Township. A Handyman with drill in his hands screwing sheet of drywall to wood studs.

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At Pit Pro Handyman we offer drywall hanging and repair services. Drywall might seem to be an easy task yet to hang drywall so that the seams are not visible once it is finished is a skill that takes time to perfect. Our drywall hangers are skilled at drywall and no line installations.

Drywall finishing is just as skilled a task and depends upon a square and solid install. Once the drywall is finished and sanded paint can be applied and the seams become invisible. We offer drywall hanging throughout the greater Pittsburgh area.

If you have holes in your walls we offer drywall repair services in Pittsburgh and throughout the five county area. These services also require skill to provide a seamless repair. When plaster and lath are involved a drywall repair job will be more intense and might require more than a small patch. As there are many historic homes throughout the area, we also offer plaster / lath repair when it is a must to maintain historic integrity.