A Pit Pro Handyman in light blue shirt and cap on a ladder cleaning out a copper gutter using gloves.

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At Pit Pro Handyman we offer gutter clean out services for our residential and commercial customers.

Our Pittsburgh Professional Handyman will use ladders to access your gutters and remove all debris that has accumulated in them and place it in bags for disposal. He will inspect your gutters for damage, leaks and other visible deformities and inform you of any that are discovered. If you wish to have those damages repaired he will provide you with an estimate for those additional gutter repair services.

This services offers the option for disposal of the debris that is removed at your curbside in bags or we can take this debris off site for disposal for an additional disposal fee. If you wish to have the debris placed in a garden for mulching or other locaiton please let our Pit Pro Handyman know of that locaiton so that your property remains environmental

Once your gutters are cleaned and repaired you might consider underground drainage system that will alleviate moist walls, mushy yards and mold and mildew problems in the area of moist yards. In most cases a piping system made of ADS and NDS pipes and connections will be installed slightly beneath the surface and connect to your downspouts. This will allow the pressure from the water pushing down through gravity to push the rain water through the pipes and out a pop-up emitter located near the street, near a drainage swale, near the lake or in a sunny spot in the yard, away from the foundation of yoru home.

The removal of debris from your gutters and downspouts may be all that you need. We will never pressure you into services that you do not need and only want our clients to be informed about the condition of their home or business properties so that they can schedule maintenance and upgrades accordingly.

Please request images of any damage or repair needs that we may find as you will not be climbing ladders to see this. We will take images of any issues that we find and email them to you so that you can see what gutter, downspout and roofing repair needs that we have discovered.

Please call us at 724-544-8244 or email us at pitprohandyman@gmail.com