cleaning a garage floor in Pittsburgh PA to prepare it for a garage floor finiish installation

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Our Pit Pro Handymen are skilled in reparing cracks in concrete floors to prevent additional cracking or water intrusion into the garage. Repairing garge floor cracks may seem to be a maintenance procedure that is not required yet is necessary for overall good home health.

Some clients request that we seal their garage floor with a durable long term skid free sealer. This process requires cleaning the floor to remove any dirt, debris, road salt, oils and chemicals that may be on the floor. One step of this cleaning process is to buff the floor with an industrial buffer which will remove the waxy surface that appears over time. The final step is to vacuum, mop and let the floor dry. Once the floor is clean and dry we can apply the sealer using long handled rollers and then allow the sealer to dry to the manufacterer’s specified time length.

Once the floor is dry you can move your car and belongings back into the garage and enjoy your refurbished garage floor. Some clients will remove and replace the garage furnishings themselves and then some request that we offer that service to them. At Pit Pro Handyman we are more than happy to help you clean out your garage and will quote you for that service when requested. The garage clean out servis is not a part of our standard quote and is included upon client request and is a specific line item in the quote.

Pittsburgh handyman repairing several cracks in a pittsburgh garage floor

Once you garage floor cracks are sealed you may decide to add a decorataive anti-skid coating to the garage floor. This coating can be a more restrained coating that is a simple color or can have speckle or other features within it. This is typically a paint on epoxy coating and may have a process where speckel is broadcast over the expoxy while it is wet to provide the look of granite.

Some clients desire a rubberized garage floor coating. This is typically installed as a 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch thick modular mat product that is also used for gym floors. This client typically uses a portion of their garage as a gym for workout equipment and a separate portion for stretching, yoga, or other fitness based activities. This padded flooring reduces the wear on the joints and muscles for the workout seciton of the garage and provides a soft surface for your car to rest upon. Shall oil leak onto this surface a single section can be removed and replaced quite easily.

A few clients have asked us about installing pavers in the garage floor. This has been done by clients who have a double loaded garage with front garage doors and back garage doors. The back garage doors are class and open up to the rear patio area which was pavers. This transforms their garage into a cabana or pavilion for entertaining. We have a professional relationship with a landscape instalaltion company that handled the sand set paver installation. We also refer this landscaper for other client landscape needs.

There are many different finishes that can be applied to a garage floor once it is repaired and cleaned. We are prepared to discuss applying your garage floor finish or simply provide the garage floor crack repair and sealing service. Our intent is to provide the services that our clients desire and avoid upselling them on items that they are not prepared for.