A Pit Pro Handyman replacing a window pane that was broken by a flying rock that was thrown by a lawn mower. Bjue arms and gloves mans arms are placing the glass pane in the broken pane area.

At Pit Pro Handyman we offer glass windowpane replacement services. There are many ways that a glass windowpane gets busted, maybe it’s a lawnmower propelled stone, a baseball, a break in, a hard door slam and one of many other ways to break a window, it is frustrating and may seem like the end of the world. Don’t panic, call J.P. at Pit Pro Handyman to address your broken windowpane needs for residential and some commercial properties. Unfortunately, we are not able to replace specialty panes on high rise buildings.

Leave the clean-up to us, we will clean up the sharp broken glass, remove remaining pieces from window frames and then clean caulks and sealants off of the frames. Then we will cut and install a new window pane and then seal the pane so that it is wind and water-proof.

If your window is a modern double or triple pane gas filled window you will need to order the custom replacement and the manufacturer will ship it to you. Once it arrives give us a call and we can handle the installation of the replacement and provide the damaged one for you to return to your manufacturer. If you need us to provide a temporary repair while you’re waiting on your warranty replacement, give us a call and we can install wood, plexi or other temporary window using tape and pins and other connectors as appropriate.